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The Geometry of Music

Art is a non-verbal language. Finding precise words to describe non-verbal processes can be challenging. We fall back on metaphors and analogies to help us out sometimes. My analogies often come from music and poetry, where elements like rhythm or crescendo find plausible visual corollaries in the design principles of repetition and emphasis. A painter friend and colleague at the Pennsylvania Academy of Art in Philadelphia, Scott Noel, told me that he puts artistic concepts and techniques to students, and to himself, in terms of food! I also remember him once saying about a painting, “That shape is a real verb in that painting!”

In light of our first week’s experiences in class, and the copious musical analogies of our discussions, I share the following article:

The Geometry of Music, by  Michael D. Lemonick, Time Magazine, 1-06-0 7.

Additional links: Dmitri Tymoczko, musician/composer featured in the article.


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